Always prepared trails

You can use your pass for dozens of perfectly prepared pistes of varying difficulty, profile and position. Here you will find the gentler slopes for beginners and children, and a bit more challenging for advanced skiers and snowboarders. Everything your heart desires.


More than a dozen lifts

In the area of several kilometers, you have to choose chairlifts, saucers and lifts. You can at any time change the place of driving, without having to buy a new booklet and stand in line for cash. Simply rolling up, get on your chair and go up it.

swoboda wyboru

Full freedom of choice

At no additional cost and without standing in line at the cash registers slope choose where you want to descend. One hill you bored? Ride on the lift door and use the other routes. You no longer need to go to the end of the booklet in the same place. Your pass the time will not be lost.

oszczędność czasu

Save time

Do not stand in line to enter the top of wasting precious hours of leave. Move to one of the other lifts TATRYSKI where the piston is smaller. Make the most of the ownership pass and the time you spend on the snowy slopes.

nowoczesny karnet

Modern skipass

Modern equipment allows to pass through security without removing the card - just keep it in your pocket. The party with the downloading of gloves!

dodatkowe atrakcje

Additional attractions

Looking for something more than just a nice place to ski and board? In the area you will find lots of additional TATRYSKI attractions. Relaxing bath in the hot springs, excellent regional cuisine, as well as the opportunity to try their hand at snow parks are not the only proposals for the area.