New investments at Koziniec in Czarna Góra!

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16 october 2017

Winter is looming on the horizon, so ski resorts in the Podhale area have already commenced preparations for the upcoming season. Each year new investments are carried out in the objects belonging to the common TatrySki skipass - in order to make skiing on these slopes even more attractive.

Along with the beginning of 2017/2018 winter season, a 100 meter long magic carpet lift will begin its operation. It will certainly make first journeys uphill - whether on skis or a snowboard - easier, both for children and adults. A newly constructed surface lift is 100 meters long and is located in close vicinity of two already operating T-bar lifts, one towlift and the main attraction of the resort - a 650 meter long chairlift.

This autumn, yet another investment was completed - a new asphalt road leading to the resort. The road is well lit, with pavements along it. Right now accessing the resort during the wintertime will be a real pleasure and will constitute a nice change from neighbouring crowded roads.

The slopes situated on the hillsides of Koziniec are located in exceptionally beautiful surroundings. Due to the south-west facing, you can admire the whole panoramic view of Tatras from the slopes. New investments will surely contribute to an increase in tourism movement in the area, but Koziniec will still remain a family-friendly resort where everyone will find something that suits their preferences.