Discount TatrySki ticket prices when buying online!

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25 december 2016

TatrySki passes are already available in 9 ski resorts in Poland and Slovakia. Since November last year, they are also available online, thanks to which it is no longer necessary to waste time in ticket office queues when going to the ski slope. From 25 December 2016 onwards, when buying tickets on the website, you get an additional bonus a 3% discount on a skipass purchased this way.

TatrySki is a programme created in 2011. Currently, it connects by means of a common pass 9 ski resorts and ice rinks in Poland and Slovakia. The project includes: JurgówSki in Jurgów, Czorsztyn-Ski in Kluszkowce, Kotelnica Białczańska, Bania and Kaniówka in Białka Tatrzańska, ski stations from the nearby Czarna Góra – Grapa Ski and Koziniec SKI Czarna Góra as well as, since last year, Palenica in Szczawnica and a Slovakian resort Ski Bachledova. In 2014, the ice rinks in Białka Tatrzańska joined the common system.

TatraSki launched online ticket sale before the 2015/2016 winter season. Skipass can be bought or recharged through the website, clicking the “Offer” tab and then “Skipass online”. The tickets, which can be bought online, are single admission and short-term tickets.

Along with the beginning of high season, i.e. from 25 December 2016 onwards, a special promotion for people deciding to buy or recharge their ticket online gets launched. Each pass, except for the 14-day one, will be cheaper by 3% than the prices applicable in ticket offices. For instance, buying online a 7-day pass of a value of 525 zloty, you will pay 509.25 zloty. Thus, when purchasing or recharging a ticket through the website several times during high season, you can save a lot. However, please be advised that certain skipasses cannot be bought online – they are available in the resorts’ ticket offices only. This is the case with group tickets, tickets for elderly people (75+) and skipasses combined with entrance to Termy Bania (available form this season). Moreover, although free pass for a child cannot be purchased online, it can be picked up when picking up passes bought online at the resorts’ ticket offices, provided that the child is present at the ticket office and they are 120 cm tall or less. For each pass for an adult, there is one free skipass for a child.

As in the last season, day skipass purchased for 1–7 days allows you to use the ice rinks in Białka Tatrzańska once a day for the period of validity of the carnet. Please note, however, that entering the ice rink, just like crossing the ski lift gates, activates the pass.

Purchasing skipasses online gives you many benefits. The transactions are non-cash and you save time by skipping long queues at the ticket office when you go to the ski slope in high season. Additionally, everyone can choose the best pass option without leaving home - no more hasty decisions made in the crowded queues. With the online version you not only save your time, but also your money, provided that you take advantage of the 3% discount valid from 25 December 2016 onwards. This offer is truly worth trying out!

The offer is valid from 25 December 2016 to 5 March 2017.

The price list of TatrySki tickets is available here.