New low season promotion in TATRY SUPER SKI.

08 march 2019

3-out-of-5-days passes at the price of 3-day pass and 5-out-of-7-days at the price of 5-day pass!

New low season promotion in TATRY SUPER SKI. 

Already on March 11, 2019, a new promotion starts for TATRY SUPER SKI ski passes purchased online. With the beginning of the low season, you will be able to buy 3-out-of-5-days and 5-out-of-7-days passes at discounted prices.

The TATRY SUPER SKI combines as many as 14 ski resorts in southern Poland and Slovakia with a single joint ski pass. A single pass allows you to use as many as 78 different ski routes and several dozen lifts. With this, the largest ski sector project in our country so far, you no longer have to queue up to the ticket offices at every station you visit. All you need to do is buy the skipass online, go to the slopes and enjoy your ride.

At the end of the 2018/2019 winter season, TATRY SUPER SKI has prepared a promotion for those who want to spend more than a few hours or one day on the slopes. The discounted prices will apply to 3-out-of-5-days and 5-out-of-7-days passes.

The 3-out-of-5-days and 5-out-of-7-days ski passes are active for 5 and 7 days respectively, from passing the gates of one of the ski lifts; in the first case, you can choose any 3 days and in the second any 5 days to use the ski lifts. Buying these passes is a very good idea, particularly in March, when the weather can be extremely capricious. By purchasing one of the promotional ski passes, you can decide for yourself as to which days you will spend on the slope, and which will be used for leisure elsewhere.

With the beginning of the low season, 3-out-of-5-days and 5-out-of-7-days passes will be available at the price of 3-days or 5-days ski passes. Promotional prices will only apply when buying tickets online; they will not be available at the checkouts of the TATRY SUPER SKI resorts.

Before purchasing the ski pass, we encourage you to check the current skiing conditions and the resorts’ opening hours on the websites of individual stations included in the project.

TATRY SUPER SKI passes pricelist

List of ski stations included in the TATRY SUPER SKI project