Tatry Super Ski officially launched!

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15 november 2018

Today, at the Stasinda Holiday Resort in Bukowina Tatrzańska, we have signed an agreement between 14 stations, inaugurating the Tatry Super Ski–a joint skipass for the Podtatrze region, which we will be skiing with starting from the upcoming season.

Ski lovers have been waiting for this day for many years. From today, you will be able to ski in 14 resorts included in the Tatry Super Ski, with a single superskipass. Such a possibility means more than convenience for users. It is also an important step on the way to creating a consolidated joint offer of the entire Podtatrze region, thanks to which we can compete with the best Alpine resorts. During a press conference, project coordinators–Roman Krupa and Adam Marduła–emphasized that the ambition behind the Tatry Super Ski is the rapid development and allowing the largest possible number of stations and resorts to join the project. Piotr Bąk, the Tatra starost, assured that the local government will make every effort to support the project, especially through the development of communication between municipalities.

The Tatry Super Ski will be available for purchase at these stations:

Bachledova Ski (Ździar, Slovakia)

Bania Ski & Fun (Białka Tatrzańska)

Czorsztyn Ski (Kluszkowce)

GrapaSki (Czarna Góra)

Jurgów Ski (Jurgów)

Kaniówka (Białka Tatrzańska)

Kotelnica Białczańska (Białka Tatrzańska)

Koziniec Ski (Czarna Góra)

Harenda (Zakopane)

Polana Szymoszkowa (Zakopane)

Stacja Narciarska Suche (Suche)

Witów-Ski (Witów)

PKL Palenica

PKL Mosorny Groń


Check the price list of the TATRY SUPER SKI pass–click here