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13 november 2018

78 routes, 14 stations, 1 superskipass

Podtatrze is the Mecca of Polish winter sports. The increasing number of routes and attractions draw thousands of guests each year, both from Poland and around the world. The upcoming season brings a revolution. The Tatry Super Ski is born–a joint skipass for 14 resorts, connecting Podtatrze into a single large ski resort. It is a new era of winter tourism in the region. The official signing of the agreement between the stations will take place on November 15 at 12.00 at the Grand Stasinda hotel in Bukowina Tatrzańska, Karpęciny 5a.

When in 1894, Stanisław Barabasz was skiing from Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy, he certainly did not suppose that over 100 years later, all of Podhale would be skiing. Winter sports have found millions of enthusiasts, and Podtatrze has become a dream place for them to practice. Slopes of varied difficulty, professionally prepared routes, breathtaking views and plenty of apres ski attractions have gained their lovers. So far, however, it was just a bundle of independent municipalities and resorts. While visiting those, skiers and snowboarders had to become familiar with the conditions of individual cableways and lifts, as well as buy tickets and skipasses appropriate for the given place. Due to this, most of the guests chose one resort, putting convenience above the opportunity to get to know the beautiful skiing areas of Podtatrze. With the Tatry Super Ski, all the discomfort will disappear, because from the upcoming season, it will only take a single super-ski pass in your pocket to get to know the 14 different resorts and... off you go to the slope!

- We are proud of the agreement that we have reached. This development was a great challenge, which we undertook from in the spirit of responsibility for the development of Polish recreational skiing. Thanks to Tatry Super Ski, we enter the path of wider cooperation and development, promoting and influencing our entire region - says Roman Krupa, one of the project coordinators, President of the Board of Góral Skipass.

A joint skipass is the first step to creating a consolidated offer in the region. The plan of the project’s further development assumes adding more stations, improving communication between resorts and expanding cooperation between commercial partners and the local government.


Tatry Super Ski stations:

 Bachledka Ski and Sun (Ździar, Slovakia)
 Bania Ski & Fun (Białka Tatrzańska)
 Czorsztyn Ski (Kluszkowce)
 GrapaSki (Czarna Góra)
 Jurgów Ski (Jurgów)
 Kaniówka (Białka Tatrzańska)

 Kotelnica Białczańska (Białka Tatrzańska)
 Koziniec Ski (Czarna Góra)
 Harenda (Zakopane)
 Polana Szymoszkowa (Zakopane)
 Stacja Narciarska Suche (Suche)
  Witów-Ski (Witów)
 PKL Palenica
 PKL Mosorny Groń


The Tatry Super Ski pass will be available in the upcoming ski season in all 14 stations and online at tatrysuperski.pl.