Historical connection on the slopes of Białka Tatrzańska!

02 november 2017

From this winter onwards, Kotelnica Białczańska Ski Resort and Bania Ski & Fun will be connected with the Kaniówka Station. The connecting section will be a 400-metre ski tow located on the slopes of Wysoki Wierch.

Connecting all ski stations in Białka Tatrzańska has been the main objective of managers of the local resorts for years. This year, the investment project was successfully completed which is surely great news for all those who love the pistes surrounding Białka Tatrzańska. As soon as in the upcoming 2017/2018 winter season, by leaving your car in one of the car parks belonging to Kotelnica Białczańska, Bania Ski & Fun or Kaniówka, you will be able to ski on all 22 pistes owned by these resorts without the need to take off your skis or snowboard.

A newly created piste, constructed between Kotelnica and Kaniówka resorts, starts at the upper station of the "Remiaszów" cableway No 9 and ends at the bottom station of the "Kaniówka" cableway No 7. Its total length is 1,000 m. In the upper part of the piste, a 400-metre ski tow was built thanks to which, after leaving the Kaniówka Station by cableway, it will be possible to go up even farther, to Wysoki Wierch from which one can get as far as to the foot of Kotelnica.

With the connection of Białka Tatrzańska stations, skiers and snowboarders will be able to take advantage of over 15 kilometres of immaculately prepared, illuminated pistes covered with artificial snow without the need to use their car or ski buses. Of course, all stations accept the TATRYSKI pass, which is also valid in 6 other ski stations in Poland and Slovakia.

Therefore, the upcoming season (already the seventeenth one) of operation of the largest ski resort in Podhale will be a breakthrough season. This winter, entire Białka Tatrzańska will get covered with a network of pistes which connect the summits of Kotelnica, Jankulakowski Wierch, Wysoki Wierch and Horników Wierch. So the only thing we have to wait for is the start of the season and first schusses in the Tatra foothills.