Terma Bania

Terma Bania

Białka Tatrzańska
35 złmin. per osobę
  • Terma Bania consists of indoor and outdoor recreational pools, which are filled with geothermal water in a temperature of 34 - 38°C. The water at Terma Bania is acquired from the depth of 2500 meters and its starting temperature is 72°C. After removing some of its heat, it ends up in the pools while preserving its precious microelements such as: sulfides, silica, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. The water's rich composition proves to be a source of vitality, promotes health and well being.

    Play Zone is a place created with the youngest ones in mind; therefore, almost all of the attractions are devoted to their needs. Indoor and outdoor pools are filled with thermal water in a temperature ranging from 34°C to 38°C. Because of that, even during the toughest winters it is possible to use the outdoor pools with pleasure. One of the must see spots of Play Zone are our all season waterslides: twisting Anaconda, superfast Turbo waterslide, Pontoon – where parents can rant and rave along with their children; and the easiest one dedicated for the youngest – Family waterslide. All of the slides add up to 300 meters of water fun.

    The pools are equipped with water attractions, which will make both children and parents happy. Located in the basins of Play Zone are among others: water carousels, water cannons and cascades, a pool with artificial wave, a cave with geyser, waterfall, benches for bottom and side massage, a rapid river and geysers. The zone also contains Jacuzzi bathtubs.  Plenty of never ending fun waits for the youngest ones in the following dedicated areas: indoor water playground at the entresol, which is equipped with a waterslide, water snake and magic islands; and at Termusiowy brodzik footbath, which contains water cascades, self-filling buckets and water hedgehog.

    The next zone is Relax Zone is a place for those, who look for serenity and quitetness. It offers leisure in an extraordinary mountain area with a gorgeous view at the High Tatras. There are 2 indoor pools at the quests' disposal, which extend outside and are filled with thermal water in a  temperature ranging from 34°C to 38°C. The key part of Relax Zone is the multitude of gear for water massage: bottom geysers, bottom and side massage spots, water cannons and cascades, water-air couches, water lashes, counter currents and jacuzzi. In addition, the entire poolside of the indoor and outdoor pool is coverd with couches and geysers for underwater massage. The zone also contains a’la carte restaurant, coctail bar and a seasonal outdoor bar. The green zone of sunbathing, which streches around the outdoor pools contains over 200 comfortable deckchairs.

    The last zone is Saunarium. It is 

    a place, where sauna philosophy connects with deep relaxation and quietness. The saunas of Terma Bania will help you regain the inner harmony and build stamina. Take advantage of our sauna nights and sessions - extraordinary events, which take full advantage of the goodness that saunas can offer.

     The area of 1000 m2 hosts practically all currently available variants of sauna leisure:

    - Classic Sauna with a temperature up to 100°C and humidity up to 20%

    - Steam  with a temperature up to 45°C and humidity up to 100%

    - Salt Cave with a temperature up to  50°C and humidity up to 45%

    - Stara Góralska Sauna (Old Highland Sauna) with a temperature up to 60°C and humidity up to 35%

    - Ruska Bania with a temperature up to 65°C and humidity up to 60% 

    - Pool with cooling water for swimming with a temperature up to 24°C

    - Saline graduation tower, relax room with colortherapy, relax pool, feet massage pool and barrel for cooling

    - Drink bar

    - Sunbathing zone

    One of the biggest attractions are the Sauna Rituals, which take place according to the specified timetable for 7 days a week.


    • Open Mon-Fri09:00 - 22:00
    • Open Sat09:00 - 22:00
    Męzczyzna: 45
    Kobieta: 45
    Dzieci: 35
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